Apparel is one of the most important goods in our time. A lot of people express their individuality through it. That is also the reason why it is not always easy for everybody to find exactly the right thing someone is looking for!
Also in our case it was often a little difficult so 2006 the idea emerged to launch our own brand and produce individual apparel by ourselfes!


In first experimental prints we evolved a first graphic line in year 2006 with which we would be able to modereate our attitude. Through that the brand "Plussquared" was born. At that point in the focus of design was the interplay between colors and patterns. Also important was a playfulness and nature themes. Through the method of screen printing we transfer our graphics to our textiles. 

Through time there was desire for a more clear and minimalistic direction. By that designer VFX Johow developed a new design which is well known today under the name "Squared".
Accompanied by doubt if this kind of minimal design and form of expression will be accepted by the public VFX  Johow determined to produce the "Squared" design just for fun and at own risk. The new design t-shirt get the new brand name "Cheap Monkey" and was first produced in the color combinations of black/white and black/black. To our pleasure and astonishment the new design was accepted euphoric and more and more people wanted to by the new tee. Through time the "Squared" design evolved to be a best seller.


Encouraged through this achievement we've put a lot of soul and energy in the developement of further designs. Some of the new graphics were the basic designs "Striped" and "Polka". For our second collection thread we won over the artist le.petit.fromage. He is the one who developed the design "AK2001" which was also a classic quiet fast. Outcome of the cooperation with le.petit.fromage are also were some great photoshootings!
In December of 2007 it was finally clear that a new brand was born. Also the name changed because of copyrights into "ThokkThokk".  The design of ThokkThokk is characterised through the following points:

  • really striking, minimalistic, energetic graphic design as basis
  • a additional second playful design thread giving space for cooperation with additional designers from all over the world
  • comprehensive design what is not only about graphics but also about quality and environment! Organic cotton, fair production, zero emisson printing, transport with CO2 equalisation are basic requirement of our production
  • reasonable pricing structure with optimised production proceses where no one is unprivileged
  • innovative approach and no compromise in the realisation of the designs.


The love for design by ThokkThokk also shows up in the love for details: recycled hang-tags, stickers, handouts, flyer, website and many more is completing the final design of the product.
A lot of production steps are done by ourselves in manual work under our own roof. This is really important to us because the hand work shows up the individuality and singularity appropriate! But because of some reasons (i.e. equipment, knowledge, infrastructure, high quantity...) we are not able to do the whole production by ourselves. That is why our grey cloth is produced in India. The choice for this location was done because the organic cotton where our apparel is made of is also cultivated in India.

In the production of our apparel we emphasise the organic cultivation of the cotton, that everything is fair trade, that the production is sweatshop free and also the packing and transport is done in a ecological way! 

The following points are guarantee for that: 

  • For the production used organic cotton is certified by the british Soil Association
  • Fairtrade certified products
  • Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100


  • biodegradable PVC free packing
  • recycled hang-tags
  • 100% recyclable card board packing

Because we are not able to produce all apparel of our collection by ourselfes in the moment we partly use the grey cloth of the brands Earth Positive and Stanley & Stella which also fullfill our production standards. The part of our own production will be extended step by step and we hope that we can soon offer that all of our materials are produced by ourselves!

Founder of ThokkThokk

Creative mind and founder of ThokkThokk is VFX Johow. He grew up in Austria, Switzerland and Germany after his education to a carpenter he attended a collegg for furniture and interior design. After this he directly established his own business. His passion for extravagant design is not only applied to furnitures. Since 2005 the furniture designer experimented a lot with different materials, in special with textiles. At the same time VFX Johow starts to aquire complex expertise in graphic design. This interdisciplinary passion in design is converted into a lot of different projects where is collected more and more experience.
The combination of artisanry and design now finds it's consequence in the fashion design line of ThokkThokk.

We are really thankful about the great resonance in the public and hope that everyone interested in ThokkThokk and wearing ThokkThokk will have a lot of enjoyment with it and is able to underline his individuality with it!

Thanks a lot for the interest in ThokkThokk! 


VFX Johow and the ThokkThokk Team