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ThokkThokk x SAVE

Together with the indian NGO SAVE we are taking action against child labor in the textile industry as well as for women’s and workers’ rights. SAVE means Social Awareness and Voluntary Education. Founded in 1993, the now 121-person organization works together with over 600 volunteers for women’s and worker’s rights and fights child labor in the indian textile industry.


Tirupur | Center of the indian cotton industry

Tirupur in the south of India is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the center of the indian cotton industry with customers from all over the world. The cities' infrastructure has trouble keeping up with it’s rapid growth, which results in high unemployment, violations of labor rights and underpayment, less school education for children as well as the presence of child labor. Though child labor is prohibited by law in India, SAVE estimates that about 100.000 children and adolescents are working 14-16 hours a day in different areas of the local economy, especially in the textile factories of Tirupur.

“Service to the humanity irrespective caste, class, creed and sex”

Under their motto “service to the humanity irrespective caste, class, creed and sex” the people at SAVE work towards a society without child labor and with respect for workers, women and children. With a variety of projects, initiatives and campaigns the people at SAVE keep realizing their vision and protect the rights of children, women and workers.


The NGO pursues different approaches to prevent families from being dependent on their children’s income and engages in a wide range of women's and workers' rights programs to bring more adult family members into work.

Women Development Cell

The Women Development Cell aims to enhance women’s socio-economic, cultural and political empowerment. One of the core activities of the WDC is the promotion of economic initiatives through self-help groups. The WDC supports women’s economic development by linking with financial institutions for financial assistance in self-employment matters.

Labour Resource Center

The Labour Resource Center enables workers of surrounding garment factories to protect their rights. This is especially important, as a decline of the organization of the workforce and violations of labor rights often go hand in hand. Through differents programs, the LRC promotes fair labor standards and helps workers to organize themselves in unions etc.

Child Rights Cell

The Child Rights Cell concentrates on the wellbeing and rights of children. It takes care of children in need, especially orphans, homeless children and children rescued from factories, provides shelter and education, and gives them the possibility to play, develop freely and enjoy their childhood. The several CRC programs include kindergartens and different bridge schools to look after migrant children and children who never enrolled, but also the work on a political level to improve the situation of school education for children and adolescents.

For more information about the various activities at SAVE visit their website:

ThokkThokk visiting SAVE

ThokkThokk visiting SAVE

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