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Passion & Energy


Striking minimalistic graphic design bursting with energy meets ecological and fairly produced clothing. Without compromise and with love for detail design clothes are made.




Clothes are one of the most important goods of our time. Through clothes many people express their individuality. Finding exactly what one is looking for and what suits one perfectly can be quite difficult. Often this was the case for us, as we were looking for good design plus high quality and ecological consciousness.

In 2006 we came up with the idea to launch our own label and produce individual and green clothing ourselves.



How it all started

VFX Johow, creative mind and founder of ThokkThokk, grew up in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. After being trained as a carpenter and attending a furniture and interior design school he established his own business.

His passion for extravagant design didn't stop at designing new pieces of furniture. In 2005 he started experimenting with different materials, especially with textiles. VFX Johow acted out his multydisciplinary interest in design in various ways, gaining expertise in different design areas, such as graphic design.




In first experiments in 2006 VFX Johow created a graphic line to communicate his style and attitude. The brand "Plussquared" was born. At this point he focused on the conjunction of colors and patterns, as well as playful natural forms. With the technique of screen printing he transferred the graphics to textiles.




Over time VFX Johow went for a more clean and minimalistic graphic line. He developed the new pattern "Squared". Doubting weather such a minimalistic approach would receive general approval, he decided to launch the design just for the fun of it under the brandname "Cheap Monkey". First the T-Shirt was printed in the color combinations black/white and black/black. To his surprise and great joy the new design was proven very popular. More and more people wanted to buy the new shirt and it became an instant bestseller.

SQUARED- The very first ThokkThokk print 



ThokkThokk Style

Encouraged by the success VFX Johow put his heart and soul into the developement of new extraordinary, minimalistic designs, resulting in classics such as "Striped" and "Polka".

Our Lookbooks show the development of the unique ThokkThokk style.



First Cooperations

At this point VFX Johow launched a second collection line focusing on the collaboration with different international artists.

This collection line provided space for a wide range of different, individual and more playful designs.VFX Johow won over artists like Denise Fort (Newseeland), Annette Bauer (Munich), Superblast (Berlin), Luke Ramsey (Canada), Morgan Blair (New York), DOOOM (England), le.petit.fromage (Köln) and others. le.petit.fromage for example designed "AK1804" that quickly became a classic:

AK 1804 - le.petit-fromage



Newest Cooperations

In our journal you'll find all information about our newest cooperations:





Style & Attitude


In December of 2007 the time had come for the brand new fashion label ThokkThokk to see the light of day! ThokkThokk is: Energetic, Unique, Natural, Organic, Recycled, Innovative, Fair, Vegan




Several steps in the production process are realized by ourselves in Munich, Germany. This is really important to us because only our own handiwork brings out the individuality and uniqueness of ThokkThokk!



Production Partners

For various reasons though (equipment, knowledge, infrastructure, etc.) we are not able to complete all stages of the production ourselves. Our garments are mainly made in India where the organic cotton we use is grown. There we work with several manufacturers, from big to small, that are GOTS and, whenever possible, Fairtrade certified and support the local NGO Save that fights for children an women's rights.

Currently we also work with the labels Earth Positive and Stanley & Stella which fulfill our production standards. Step by step we establish the work with our manufacturers, to be able to produce all of our garments ourselves.

The printing of many of our shirts and sweater is still done by ourselves in Munich. To extend our capacities and be able to concentrate more on the design itself, we also work together with sustainable print shops in Germany.






Authentic Growth

Over the years ThokkThokk has grown naturally and authentically. We deliberately established the label step by step without investors to keep our authenticity and stay independent.

The combination of craftmanship, design, high quality and eco-responsibility finds its consequence in the fashion label ThokkThokk.

Kapok-Trees naturally grow everywhere, even on rough terrain.



ThokkThokk News

Find the newest news around ThokkThokk in our Journal:


ThokkThokk Team