Who Made My Clothes?


What a pity, it’s organic…


What a pity, it’s organic… means: all ThokkThokk pieces are designed and manufactured according to the highest eco-fair standards. After all, sustainability is a global necessity and key to the well-being of our beautiful planet earth and us humans. Weirdly enough though, sustainability still isn’t an essential part of our current economic system. To change that, we have to join forces and support each other on a local as well as global scheme.

On the long and diverse way from the idea to the finished ThokkThokk product there are many opportunities to partner up with like-minded people all over the world. Together, we are strengthening social responsible and environmentally friendly production and creating high-quality and sustainable alternatives with all their advantages.



From the cotton field to the finished TT piece



Production Partners



Tirupur | India



Tirupur | India



Bengaluru | India



Kanpur | India



Delhi | India



Jiaxing | China



Brno | Czechia


ThokkThokk Team