ThokkThokk is a progressive Fairtrade & organic cotton brand founded in 2007. Popular in many countries all over europe.


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ThokkThokk Journal

Discover ThokkThokk

ThokkThokk is a creative and progressive organic cotton Fairtrade brand from Germany. ThokkThokk has developed over more than ten years now and there is a lot to discover for you. Here are some ideas for you to start with:

See The Lookbooks

Over the past ten years we have done many photoshootings and collected some inspiring photos. You can expirience them throgh our collection of lookbooks and see how ThokkThokk has developed through the past years.

Read the Journal

We like to keep you up to date and informed about ThokkThokk and other themes. In our blog we will always show you what is going on at ThokkThokk and give you insights and details about new developements.

about thokkthokk

Interested into the history of ThokkThokk? Find out more here... We will tell you how everything has started, what were the difficulties and what are the ideas behind the fashion brand ThokkThokk.

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Striking minimalistic graphic design, bursting with energy meets ecological and fairly produced clothing. Without compromise, but with attention to detail and printed with love designer fashion is made.


The combination of craftmanship, design, high quality and eco-responsibility finds its consequence in the fashion label ThokkThokk.

We are thrilled by the terrific response from the public. May our clothing continue to give you pleasure and may each of you find your own personal favourite ThokkThokk piece. Enjoy!