Exclusive Peter Phobia x ThokkThokk Collection


With the exclusive Peter Phobia x ThokkThokk cooperation ThokkThokk makes the artists' works wearable!


Peter Phobia is an artist & illustrator currently living in Vienna, Austria. Peters artwork has been shown in numerous places around the globe, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Switzerland, Lithuania, Serbia, Liechtenstein and Mexico.


His works range from small pieces to larger than life formats and are an open invitation to reflect on current topics in society.


The use of color has a strong impact on his work. Written elements play an important role in his art and often complement the visual parts in his pieces.


The Peter Phobia x ThokkThokk collection includes T-shirts, sweaters, socks and tote bags.

ThokkThokk Team