Extended Collection Spring / Summer 2018


Life is a picnic


The ThokkThokk extended Summer 2018 collection merrily ambles through the bright side of life.


Playful Tencel fabrics, softer than silk, fine woven cotton and smooth cotton jersey merge into fancy designs, bearing a bouquet of ThokkThokk key pieces to mix and match.


Tendel - 'Fibre of the future'

Tencel fabrics are beautifully flowing, very smooth, silky and soft. The fabrics are made of the botanical Lyocell fibre. Lyocell is manufactured from sustainably cultivated wood, mostly eucalyptus wood. The Lyocell fibre is produced in a unique 'closed loop'. From growing the trees to the final fabric tencel is particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable. 


Light woven cotton

Our woven cotton fabrics are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. They are comfortably light and perfectly suited for the new ThokkThokk summer tops, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers. The fine woven fabric is long-lasting and feels as great as it looks.


Beautiful all-over prints in soft pastel colours evoke sweet memories of sunny days in the park, the air filled with birds' twittering.


Throw // Sprinkles







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ThokkThokk Team