Innovative Kapok Jackets Collection Autumn / Winter 2018


Seed The Trees

For Autumn Winter 2018 ThokkThokk continues to celebrate the fascinating kapok tree that the Maya believed stood at the center of the earth. The majestic tree roots deeply in the earth and with its gigantic branches reaches for the sky.


ThokkThokk Attitude

Innovative natural and recycled materials merge into a collection that evokes the unique design and style of ThokkThokk. 


Colour Palette

The collection’s colour palette oscillates between luminous earth tones and the deep depth of the dark night sky littered with thousands of stars.



The natural, vegan and recycled jackets come in the unique ThokkThokk style and are really something special! The insulation is completely animal-free. Instead of down feathers we use the natural kapok fruit. Adding recycled polyester keeps the kapok filling in shape, even after machine washing the jacket at 30 degrees. The outstandig 'inner values' of our jackets are protected by durable and tear-proof nylon, that is recycled from old fishing nets.





Kapok, also known as plant down, is the silky soft and extremely light hollow fiber of the kapok tree. Kapok is similar to down and thus isolates excellently. Furthermore, kapok is water-repellent due to its natural wax film and dries quickly. The fiber repels moths and mites and is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Under sustainability aspects kapok scores too! The kapok trees are wild growing and flourish without any artificial irrigation or fertilization. The kapok fruit is no food and as the trees can naturally grow pretty much everywhere, they don't need farmland. The fruit capsules are handpicked by local farmers. The kapok fiber is biodegradable and naturally vegan.


Plant for the Planet

We teamed up with the initiative Plant for the Planet that aims to raise awareness for global justice and climate change. For every jacket purchased we plant a tree in Mexico!

ThokkThokk Team