The history of ThokkThokk

What is the history of ThokkThokk? How has it established what happend on the long way until now? What milestones and funny moments did we had? This are the questions where you can find an answer here!

"Still working on this page and looking into our archives to find more interesting moments for you. Enjoy!" - VFX Johow


2017: Changing the company firm name

In September 2017 ThokkThokk is changing its firm name into ThokkThokk GmbH & Co. KG to adapt the increased company size also in regard to legal needs.


2017: Container Collective

In January 2017 we made new plans again and opened toghether with FellHerz our own container at the Container Collective Munich. We are using it as showroom and meetingroom.

First items in our Container Collective Container.


2015: Moving again

By the end of 2015 we had to moove again. Everything is in constant change so we are reorganising everything in short terms again and again. It takes a lot of energy keep the pace of changing circumstances. The boy says ommmmm....


2015: Automatic screenprinting machine

Looks like every year has to start with something new! This time we extended the company with a new space where we established a new printing room to fulfill the demand by the customers. By this we also baught a lot of screenprinting equipment like this full automatic screenprinting machine you can see here.

Too big for the doors so the printing machine comes in through the window.


Moving in the digital printer through the window.

2014: Digital t-shirt printing

In February 2014 our new digital t-shirt printer arrived. Unfortunately it was not fitting through the doors so we had to bring it in through the window. That was also very tight and high! Oh oh...


2012: New screenprinting machine

New rooms = more space. Time for a new more professional printing machine. Because it is so much fun we directly stressed the limits with manual multicolour printed t-shirts!


2011: New warehouse!

By the end of 2011 we moved out of our dark basement rooms the first time and we really enjoyed the plenty of light in our rooms. Very good for the mental state of mind! :-)


2009: The new Webshop

Preparing for christmas 2009 with a new template for the webshop. Programmed by ourselfes. Note the nice combo of the "Graet" t-shirt and the black and white striped leggings worn in the nightlife of Paris! ;-)

The new homepage.

Category view of the webshop.


Both at Pret a Porter Paris

2009: Pret a Porter Paris

Special moment to attend the first international fashion fair. That was the Pret a Porter Paris fashion fair. That was a lot of fun and a very interesting experience.


2009: Popup store Berlin

Our first popup store in Germany's capital Berlin! Really nice, fun and the t-shirts on the photo look still nice right?

Inside out view from the main room of the popup store Berlin.


2008: Video about t-shirt production

Video about the production of our t-shirts in 2008. Have a look and enjoy! This is rock'n roll unbelievabele to see how everything has evolved since back then!


Summer 2007: The first ThokkThokk Shirts

Later in this year the idea was to create some different and even more progressive t-shirts with a radically minimal design.  The result was the iconic "Squared" T-Shirt design.

Here on the photo you can see it photographed on myself wearing it in Sidges close to Barcelone at the first "Photoshooting".... ;-)

The first typical "ThokkThokk" t-shirt with the "Squared"design.


Startup anno 2007! ;-) The early days of ThokkThokk.

2007: It all started small...

....very small. To be precise it was only a 12 m² room for office, living room, kitchen, sleeping and storage but also a lot of fun. Everything was self made, improvised and learning by doing.
After starting to sell some ethical & sweatshop free shoes through the internet the first t-shirts sweatshop free t-shirts with own designs were developed. The t-shirts under the name of Plussquared were the predecessor of ThokkThokk. Everything with a lot of bold colours and very playful.